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to the world’s greatest innovation challenges

The problem

Today's challenges are unprecedented in scope and scale

As evidence of this one need only consider the environmental degradation, rapid urbanization, social unrest from wealth and religious gaps, and the rise in contagious diseases regularly making headlines around the world. Equally disconcerting is the fact that traditional approaches have thus far proven insufficient at resolving these issues. A new approach is required.


DysruptUs was designed to meet this imperative

By uniting the people and the technology paramount to convening, creating and accelerating breakthrough solutions to global challenges. DysruptUs' unique approach is designed to effect greater and more complex change than the traditional goal of recognizing individual intellectual achievement or encouraging a specific technological breakthrough - we focus instead on end-to-end or 'architected' solutions that typically encompass a blend of new ideas and technologies woven together.

Our Approach

Our approach


We work with the client to identify a specific problem to which a solution would significantly and measurably improve the lives of millions. The solution needs to be audacious yet achievable. It also has to be accompanied by a set of clearly defined metrics.


We tap into our global network of relevant expertise to develop a deep understanding of the market root causes of the problem and the size of the opportunity a solution would present. Armed with this information, we seek to identify and engage in finding and scaling a solution to the problem.


We leverage crowdsourcing technologies and partner networks in an effort to surface new innovations and ideas that have the potential to contribute to solving the problem.


Through a process of due diligence, collaboration and iteration we ‘architect’ and deliver a solution made up of a blend of different innovations and technologies – none of which are possibly able to solve the problem on their own but together they’re able to make a discernible difference.


We work with the client and relevant partners to obtain the funding necessary to implement and scale the solution for maximum impact.

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Africa50 Innovation Challenge


Ediane is passionate about sustainable development and innovation as a force for change. She has worked in the UK, Brazil and South Africa, with large corporates such as KPMG, Vodafone, Anglo American and Braskem, as well as start-ups, NGOs and government departments, creating and driving leading-edge change programs. She has an MSc in Sustainable Development from the University of Surrey.

Ediane Monteggia

Marc is an international business executive with over 30 years of experience living and working in Japan and Asia. He spent almost 20 years in sales and marketing as SVP for McCann-Erickson Japan and 20th Century Fox Asia Pacific. Marc's current focus is on strategic business consulting for large corporates and leading-edge startups. He has extensive experience as a policy advocate, and is an active player in the start-up and sustainability sectors in Japan. Marc sits on the board of the FCSC, one of Japan’s longest serving charities.

Marc Fuoti

Greg is one of the world's foremost authorities on innovation and building innovation ecosystems. He has led the emergence of this field and has been involved with the design and implementation of the innovation ecosystems of more than 25 regions and organizations globally. He has spent 25+ years working in startups, venture capital, and is one of the pioneers in the field of innovation-based economic development. He is a trusted advisor to such notable organizations as the US State Department, Aspen Institute, University of California, World Bank, and Inter-American Development Bank.

Greg Horowitt

Robyn is a mining entrepreneur who built a mining equipment company which competed with the likes of Caterpillar in Southern Africa, owned a mining contracting company and copper and cobalt mines in Central Africa. She was voted amongst the top five businesswomen in South Africa, and nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year. She began a philanthropic effort to save the forests in West and East Africa, followed by an investment in the REDD forest carbon arena that managed vast tracts of forests. She recently established a business using cutting-edge technology to identify and quantify precise air pollution sources and compounds.

Robyn Heathfield

Robert is a fellow in both the American College of Environmental Law and the American Bar Foundation. In 2018, he retired from Ballard Spahr LLP, where he co-founded and headed the firm's Environmental and Natural Resources Practice Group, and then its Climate Change and Sustainability Practice Initiative. He has served on the Boards of many non-profit organizations and state, regional and local advisory committees, and amongst other honors is the recipient of PBA's Energy and Environmental Section 2010 Award for Distinguished Service and was named as MVP in environmental law by Law360 in 2014.

Robert B. McKinstry Jr., Esq., M.F.S.

Baird is a lawyer and former partner of Ballard Spahr LLP. Since leaving the firm, he continues to work with energy customers and communities and their technology and finance partners to deploy a new generation of energy and sustainability infrastructure. He has helped develop pooled procurement and financing techniques for building energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy for clients such as the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility and has structured public-private partnerships for a broad array of infrastructure projects.

C. Baird Brown

Bill has 45 years’ experience in business in the Asia Pacific region with a primary focus on Japan. Rare mix of management experience of billion-dollar operations in Japan for two Fortune 500 companies, founding and sale of start-up companies in the information services field, plus management consulting. He is a highly regarded expert on the societal and innovation challenges required to address the disruptive impact of the aging society on the economy.

William Hall

Terry has been a leading figure at the intersection of innovation and conservation for more than three decades. For 17 years, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Science and Exploration Officer for the National Geographic Society. Prior to joining National Geographic, he was Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, U.S. Department of Commerce, and Deputy Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) where he oversaw U.S. coastal, ocean, and atmospheric programs, including recovery of endangered species and habitat conservation planning

Terry Garcia

Sokina Joseph is a motivated, highly organised and enthusiastic professional who holds a BSc in chemistry from McGill University and an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London. She is passionate about learning, being pushed out of her comfort zone and securing a world that is both sustainable and inhabitable for all. Currently she is working as an advisor at an engineering consultancy providing technical and strategic advice to water companies across the world. Further to this, she is the research manager at Dyruptus because she values the importance of bringing people, research and innovation together for a better world.

Sonika Joseph

Bikash is a Software Analyst with over 16 years of industry experience is software development, business analysis, systems analysis and solution architecting. A prolific user experience engineer, he is an avid lover of technology, computer programming and software development. His capability in building and leading small to large software projects across a multitude of fields and software stacks has given strong acumen in UI and UX. With a good track record of leading teams and working within all aspects of software development, Bikash is experienced in software development in a wide range of corporate environments Internationally.

Bikash Shah

Terry is a bestselling author, speaker, and thought leader on business strategy and innovation. Terry served as thought leader on business strategy and corporate renewal with KPMG. He's the co-author of 'Mission Possible,' author of 'The System,' and a frequent contributor to on innovation and leadership issues. He is the founder of Dysruptus, a unique ecosystem made up of some of the world's greatest innovators and disruptors.

Terry Waghorn

Jessica develops creative brand identities and marketing strategies for global brands and nonprofits by combining consumer research with storytelling practices. Jessica has a strong passion for sustainable design, working with brands to develop creative, sustainably-driven practices and motivational tools to increase adoption. She has a BA in Marketing and an MA in Sustainable Design.

Jessica Papa

Muayad is a highly-accomplished, creative and successful entrepreneur with passion for real estate, ICT and education. Muayad has almost 30 years of experience growing businesses from the ground up; structuring large and complex financial deals and securing investments for businesses throughout Europe and the EMEA region. This activity has helped him build a large network of highly successful and disruptive entrepreneurs and investors. Muayad is an innovative and pioneering executive and is extremely passionate about positive social impact and frequently acts as a catalyst for change. He has an MBA and lives in Amman, Jordan.

Muayad Dabbas

Anthony Zolezzi has spent his career focusing on ways that biotech breakthroughs can enhance consumer health and wellness. Zolezzi is also Strategic Advisor for Pegasus Capital Advisors, a private asset management company focused on sustainability and wellness sectors. As a serial entrepreneur, Zolezzi has dedicated his career to the well-being of both people and the planet, co-founding businesses that provide potential solutions to both health concerns and key environmental issues. Two examples would include, (1) in 2014, as a member of the board of directors of Wild Oats Marketplace, Zolezzi facilitated the democratization of organics, and brought this respected brand into Wal-Mart stores; and (2) Code Blue Recycling, which Zolezzi co-founded in 2007, was created to further plastics reclamation and recycling goals. Zolezzi and his team ultimately filed 19 patents on unique recycling technologies, tailored for Nestlé, PepsiCo and Whole Foods Market. Code Blue Recycling was sold to Waste Management in 2009, becoming Greenopolis Recycling. Zolezzi continued to lead the Greenopolis team until it was again sold to RecycleBank in 2012, as one of the most technologically advanced recycling systems in the U.S.

Anthony Zolezzi
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